Are FELIs ever held in areas outside of Northern California?
FELIs are held in other areas based on demand. Check the Upcoming Events page to see what’s scheduled and get information on how to register. 


Is the FELI designed to be offered as a stand-alone event?
The FELI can be offered as a stand-alone professional development activity or as a part of the process of bringing an ACE program to a college.


Must my college be formally committed to adopting ACE before I can attend an FELI?
Not at all.  In fact, many colleges find it helpful to send people to a FELI as a step in exploring what ACE has to offer. This exploratory team may include several faculty leaders as well as college administrators. Since ACE is based on experiential education, there's no substitute to having actual first-hand experience of the curriculum to make a more informed decision about adopting ACE.


Can I get continuing education units/flex credits for participating in a FELI?
We can provide documentation; please check with your college to see what they require.


After I participate in a FELI, can I begin teaching ACE courses?
Please see the Teaching in ACE page to learn more about becoming an ACE instructor.


After I participate in a FELI, will I have access to curriculum for ACE courses?
FELI graduates who are community college faculty will receive the FELI Graduate Guidebook that supports integration of the FELI experience into non-ACE courses.


Curriculum Themes of FELI Graduate Guidebook

  • Successful Students
  • Student Bonding and Community Building
  • Productive Conversations between Classmates
  • Becoming Aware of Perceptions versus Judgments
  • Recognizing Students Strengths

In order to receive curriculum for ACE signature courses, your college must have a formal agreement in place to adopt the ACE program.